Functional Medicine Course in
Infectious Diseases

Online course allows you to learn in the comfort of your own home.

Add an exciting branch to your practice!

-Master Autoimmune Diseases.

-Learn to Manage Lyme disease and co-infections.

-Become and expert in all types of infections.

-Help Patients who no one else can help.



Testimonials for Dr. Hedberg

“I have consulted with Dr. Hedberg on multiple occasions regarding proper evaluation and management of some of my most difficult patients who suffer with chronic conditions related to various infectious diseases.

Dr. Hedberg’s knowledge and expertise in this area has proven to be invaluable and I highly recommend anyone who manages chronic patients with infectious diseases take advantage of any and all training course(s) Dr. Hedberg has available.”

– Dr. Steven B. Roach DC Gastonia, NC


“We are all familiar with the idea that infectious organisms are a cause of acute illness. But how much have we been taught about the idea that infectious organisms could be a cause of chronic illness?

In sorting through this very confusing world of infection-induced chronic illness, Dr. Hedberg has been a beacon of light for me.

Thanks to Dr. Hedberg’s vast knowledge of the subject and his ability to communicate it simply and effectively, my understanding of the subject greatly increased.”

– Dr. Jeff Moss

. “As chronic infections come to the forefront of functional medicine as a major health concern, Dr. Nik Hedberg’s clinical expertise and understanding of these often inscrutable cases provides us with research-based hope.

Dr. Hedberg is a key part of Professional Co-op’s research and< education efforts, and his willingness to share defines who he is. I believe that Dr. Hedberg will have an enduring positive effect on those who participate in his educational offerings.”


– J. William Beakey, D.O.M.

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